• W4S, a brand-new smart bracelet in 2017. The simple appearanceand2.5D cambered glassscreen make it modern. The powerful NORDIC 52832 CPU even makes it rank among the top. Through heart rate and body temperature monitoring, W4S lets you know

  • New smart wearable product M2S smart heart rate bracelet released by Shenzhen WEDOBE Technology Co., Ltd. on March 18th, 2016.

  • This is latest intelligent product launches in Sept. 2016. WEDOBE starts a new exploration journey with themost NEO attitude. The design inspiration of new production based on vintage car which brings a unique appearance for the fans. It use

  • WEDOBE attended HK Global source electronic fair on 19-21, October, 2016. Thousands of visitors stand by our both 5B34 to see our new products.

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