Shenzhen wei dong bei technology co., LTD is a company headquarters in shenzhen of China, is a smart Internet hardware and software enterprise, founded in 2015. Our team is committed to research and development of science and technology in the field of the following: intelligent and fitness products. Wei dong bei technology, the founder of the team from well-known technology companies, the team has dominated and design products and services has been into millions of firms and households, and individuals. Wei dong bei by the quality of science and technology as the guide, through the cooperation with the industry's top foundry enterprise, do the right things in order to ensure the quality of the product and process.
As our trademark "WEDOBE", meaning that We do the best! We do our best!
We are both looking at the stars and your feet on the ground, the pursuit of innovative technology and fully close to the user's needs, hopes to use extreme ?


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